Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The anti-plan

So, we have left Melbourne and flown to Darwin with about one week left on Liv's Australian visa in order to check out the top end of the country we've called home for the last year or more.

Before we push off it is only fair, dear reader, that we let you in on our plan. Or lack of one.

We are taking a week to tour the Darwin area, then return in time to catch a flight out of the country to Denpassar in Bali. After a couple of days of acclimatising, crossing ourselves and taking a deep breath we start off heading west towards Java, and hope to avoid planes wherever possible. We would like to get to China. That's about as far as our plans go at the moment. What actually happens will depend on what happens along the road, advice we get, experiences we have and the mistakes we make. By keeping things open, and not laying out any routes we're keeping ourselves flexible, so that we can do what takes our fancy each morning, take advice on the road, and avoid getting upset if certain areas become inaccessible en route. We're adopting the travellers philosophy of researching the hell out of a place, but not prearranging anything.

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